Psychotherapy can be a very creative and enriching process. I match the type of therapy I provide with the needs of each individual person because everyone is unique.

I try to build real and honest connection with people. When it is difficult to talk about specific problems or words seem inadequate, I may encourage creative use of images and symbols, such as those found in dreams, to help identify changing processes within and to address issues in new, more positive ways.

The psychotherapy process differs depending both upon the therapist and the individual as well as the topics being addressed. It calls for participation and energy from both therapist and patient. For therapy to be most effective, I often request that ideas discussed during sessions be considered between meetings as well.

Though sometimes difficult, therapy has been shown to help those who have gone through the process. Therapy may lead to improved relationships, less distress in daily living, and resolution of problem-specific issues.

Who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens.

                        C.G. Jung

I have expertise working with depression, relationship conflict, trauma, and parenting issues.