Therapy and Relationship Conflict

Difficulties navigating relationships arise often. Emotions may erupt that leave us feeling very alone and isolated from dearest friends, partners, or colleagues. If these feelings become frequent, persistent, and interfere with the richness of daily living, it may be time to address why interpersonal relationships spark conflict. In therapy, we will work to help alleviate emotional discomfort, to develop skills for navigating emotional distress when it arises, to gain understanding of underlying tensions and conflict, and to learn about tools for effective communication so that you can begin to feel more connected to others in a very real way.

Relationship difficulties can occur in partnerships, marriages, and work-settings. They can arise with your boss, with your employees, with friends, or with colleagues. Together, we will identify the powerful feelings that may surface when conflicts or problems develop and what triggers troublesome responses in you. Examining what occurs in communication with others and developing skills for improving interactions as well as learning to manage intense emotions are part of the therapeutic process.

I strive to help you become more conscious of how you are feeling when you relate with others so that you can be your most authentic self in all your relationships, at home or at work.

I also have experience working with depressiontrauma, and parenting issues.