Trauma and Therapy

Coping with traumatic stress can be extremely difficult. Trauma affects our physiology, psychology, social life, and spiritual world. As you try to handle the consequences of trauma, you may find yourself suffering from significant changes in your relationships and your sense of identity.

By noticing shifts in thinking and behavior that have occurred as a result of trauma, we can begin to reprocess problem areas and move into more positive, fulfilling, and rewarding life patterns.

The overarching goal of therapy for someone who has suffered trauma is to help shift from a state of traumatization to one of transformation. As we work together, I offer strategies for helping you create new meaning from the trauma experience. I will provide tools for you to build up resiliency, strength, wisdom, and self-identity from what has been endured and survived.

Therapy has been shown to help with treatment of traumatic stress. Different types of therapy may work better for certain individuals and for that reason, I tailor the method of therapy that I use directly to the needs of each person.

I also have experience working with depressionrelationship conflict, and parenting issues.