Therapy for Depression

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Depression, with its attendant symptoms, undermines the fabric of our being. It can be slow to set in and linger for a long time, it can hit us hard and leave quickly, or any variation in between. Depression is painful, more than distracting, and saps us of energy. Symptoms of depression vary from individual to individual but one common thread throughout may be a loss of interest in living a full and enriched life.

By examining current behaviors entrenching depressive symptoms, we will work together to alter those patterns. By examining the thoughts that reflect depressive attitudes, we will come to understand and help shift those negative and troublesome beliefs about ourselves. Importantly, we may examine the roots of depression. both conscious and unconscious. Sometimes depression can arise from trauma in childhood. Sometimes it can stem from the loss of a marriage or relationship. There may be many reasons why depression has arisen. Together, we can safely and compassionately examine what has occurred to gain an in-depth understanding of the origins of the difficulty and help to mend those wounds.

For some people, there are times when medication can help with depression. Should it be appropriate, I will talk with you about determining whether medications is the right option for you. Not all people are interested in using medication to help with depression. Though I do not prescribe medications, I can make appropriate referrals and continue providing therapeutic services.

I also have expertise working with trauma, relationship conflict, and parenting issues.