About Me

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Constance Burton, JD, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA

I am a licensed psychologist in California (PSY23188) and received my doctorate in 2006.

I have been helping people for over 25 years working to resolve individual conflicts, life transitions, and personal difficulties.

I have specialized experience as a depth-oriented therapist, having completed a two-year internship at the James Goodrich Whitney Clinic in San Francisco. I am currently an advanced candidate in analytic training at the the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. I am also experienced with a vareity of psychodynamic psychotherapies.

I am affiliated with the American Psychological Association, the California Psychological Association, the International Academy of Collaborative Practice, and I am also a Friend of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.

I have developed expertise in the following areas:

    - Assisting people with relationship conflict

    - Helping those who struggle with depression, anxiety, or traumatic stress

    - Working with those who have suffered childhood abuse, trauma and PTSD

    - Parenting issues