Areas of Expertise

Depression can bring you so low, sapping all vitality from your life, making you feel profoundly sad and out of control. We will chose treatment strategies that suit your needs. Interesting in finding our more about how we can work with depression? Click here.

Trauma, whether it happened years ago or last week, can make us feel powerless, out of control, and devalued. Trauma therapy helps you regain control of your life, empowers you to think and feel better, and enriches and creates value in your life and relationships. Click here for more information.

Relationship conflict can happen at home or at work and can be disruptive to all facets of your life. If conflict with others is occurring persistently, perhaps you are struggling with something deeper. Our task is to help you understand why relationship conflict is cropping up repeatedly and to resolve underlying conflicts so that you can move forward in a more fulfilling way. Click here for more information.

Parenting can strain both you and your family and is one of the challenging tasks we face. If you and your child are constantly nagging at each other and struggling to find common ground, I would like to help you stop the negative interactions and build a stronger, lasting relationship between you and your child. For more information, click here.