San Francisco Bay Area Therapist

Regain your Focus. Reclaim your life.

Many people encounter emotional distress at some point in their lives, sensing that their world has begun to move in unwanted and perhaps unsatisfying directions. You may find yourself feeling sad, angry, or irritable more often. I would like to help you manage and work with these feelings and to help you transform what feels like vulnerability into strength. I specialize in individual psychotherapy and work closely with people struggling with relationship conflicttraumadepression, or with concerns about parenting.

My therapy office is a safe, welcoming place where we can talk openly and honestly about feelings or problems that may be troubling you. I listen carefully, with understanding, empathy, and compassion, and I focus on building real connections with the people with whom I work.

This website is intended to answer some of your questions about my psychotherapy practice and provide you with helpful information. Should you have any questions, I am happy to provide an initial consultation depending upon time availability. Please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone at (650) 465-5527 or by email at